the lost second age

It faded….to an age which I remember with fondness

Today eyes roused to snare like pain

Dawn craving me to live the mediocre life with enthusiasm

And I strive to whisk away what is expected of me

Now moving in the road I chose from an array

The music of my life depending solely on the keys I use

the lost second age

But oh how I wish I knew then, on those days of innocence and joviality

That it would pass in to a memory which I would visit again and again

Behind those laughter and cheers I glistened

Failing to know then, it was a memory vast already.

-Theresa George

know me

Hello reader,

Thank you for visiting my page.  This is my first post. So I have decided to make it an introductory one. You must get to know me and the reason I decided to start this, to read my blog.

I describe my life in three phases: The leader phase, The victim phase and then again The leader phase.

Along with the excitement of being a teenager, since the age of thirteen, I started making goals in my life. I made sure I wrote each one of them down in my diary. I was hungry for success and I worked for it. But I fell victim to what we all fall for. The reality. I started settling for less. The more I settled, the more guilty I felt. But then I started motivating myself again with the help of books and a few good people. I’m 18 and I feel content. There is yet more to achieve for me. Yet more to live for. And I would like to take you along with me in this beautiful, challenging journey.

Looking at my life through the rear view mirror I realize that I’ve learnt quite a lot in the past few years. And I feel I could be of help to some.

So, I decided to blog. Here.

I am a dental student. Not just a dental student but a speaker and an amateur writer too.

I would love to give you my honest and personal musings on pre med life , ambitions and everything in between.

If you think I would do you good in some way, do follow me or keep reading my blog.

And yes …I love anything designer, mint chocolate chip ice cream, travelling, scented candles, and donuts. I would love to visit Tuscany one day and admire its beauty. My favorite book is ‘Jane Eyre’. And I am engaged to myself

Theresa George